Haemorrhoids is an unpleasant disease. These are varicose vains that are located arround the anus. Symptoms are itching, pain and blood when defecating. Heamorrhoids cream or suppositories are recommended for the treatment. In general this disease can be healed properly.

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DOLOPROCT (haemorrhoids) 10 Suppositories
DOLOPROCT suppositories * 10  same as Procto-glyvenol LEAFLET: INFORMATION FOR THE USER..
Sale Mastu® 10 suppositories-For hemorrhoid problems. Quick action!
  What used Mastu suppositories?   Mastu suppositories is a tool for use in p..
$12.99 $6.87
Procto-Glyvenol (haemorrhoids) 10 Suppositories
For the local treatment of haemorrhoides Procto-glyvenol provides rapid relief from unpleasant sy..
Sale Procto-Glyvenol (haemorrhoids) Cream 30 g.
For the local treatment of haemorrhoids Active substance: Tribenosidum -5 g, Lidocaini hydrochl..
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$11.77 $7.66
Troxemed / Troxerutin 300 mg. /50 capsules (Varicous Ulcers, Phlebitis, Haemorrhoids, Edema, Retinopathy)
Troxemed 300 mg x 50 capsules Troxemed is analogous to Troxevasin treats capillari..
Troxevasin / Troxerutin (Varicous Ulcers, Phlebitis, Haemorrhoids, Edema, Retinopathy) 50 capsules
Troxevasin  300 mg x 50 capsules Troxevasin treats capillaries by increasing their endurance..
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Sale TROXEVASIN GEL  (Varicose Veins Spider Veins Thread Veins) 40 g.
Active Ingredients: Troxerutin 2% Troxerutin is a derivative of the NATURAL&n..
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$10.64 $9.99