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EROGEN DUO - 580 mg./ 8 tablets

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Natural substitute for blue pill!
Herb Epimedium is one of the most - popular stimulant to increase sexual potency and libido in both sexes. Its active ingredient, which is associated with sexual power is icariin.
Ikariinat has similar effect of sildenafil - inhibiting the enzyme PDE-5, resulting in the release of the key neurotransmitters associated with the mechanism of sexual arousal, but demonstrated no side effects.
MACs - rich in amino acids and has a high protein content. It enhances libido and improves the function of the reproductive system. One of the - primary benefits of Maca is the ability to regulate and stimulate the hormone system, both men and women. It favorably affect menstrual problems and menopause indispositions.
Yohimbe / yohimbine 2% / - one of the most - powerful aphrodisiacs. Increases sex drive and sexual stamina. Extremely effective in both sexes. Leave the vessels and provides - good blood flow to the pelvis. Enhances the activity of this part of the spine, which is directly responsible for erection without disturbing the hormonal balance of the body.
Tribulus - The main effect is stimulation of the reproductive system in both sexes. Increased levels of testosterone leads to increased strength, muscle growth, and longer erections and increases potency. In women, estrogen increases and this herb is used for increasing libido, particularly in the climax.
Ginkgo Biloba and Cinnamon - relax blood vessels and improve blood circulation to all organs. Ginkgo Biloba enhances the action of yohimbine. Help achieving or keeping an erection.
L - Arginine - an essential amino acid involved in important biochemical reactions in the body. Act on erections by dilating blood vessels, but also has a stimulating effect on stermatogenezata - increases sperm count and increases their mobility.
· Favors maintaining high levels of sexual function in both sexes.
· Enhances sensitivity and libido in men and women
· Favors erection, stamina and the hormonal balance
· For a complete intimate life
8 tablets
Maximum daily dosage: 1-2 tablets orally 1 hour before intercourse.
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In packages of: 8 tablets
Packaged Ship Weight: 40 gr.

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